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Coat Care

Coat Care

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Coat Care is our oil based supplement that’s been specifically designed with your dog’s skin and coat in mind. Suitable for adult and senior dogs.

Our supplement contains 100% British Cold pressed hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is one of the healthiest food oils available, and an excellent source of omega oils (3,6 & 9). Another great benefit of hemp seed oil is that it does not contain heavy metals and toxins, such as mercury which can be associated with fish oils from ocean pollution.

Further benefits of hemp seed oil:
• Reduces excessive moulting.
• Maintains coat and skin condition and eradicates the itch, scratch cycle.
• Attains and maintains a healthy blood pressure.
• Attains and maintains a healthy cholesterol.
• Nourishes dry skin, blotches and lesions.
• Reduces pre-menstrual stress.
• Enhances stamina.

Suggested daily dose: 1ml per kg of body weight up top a max of 15ml over feed. For badly damaged coats and bald spots, massage direct onto skin.


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