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Move Right

Move Right

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Move Right is our amazing supplement to help support overall joint health and well-being! So, what’s in this amazing supplement? A blend of Glucosamine Sulphate, MSM, Vitamin C and No Bute (Devil's Claw).

Devils claw is a genus of plants in the sesame family, native to southern Africa. Plants of the genus owe their common name "devil's claw" to the peculiar appearance of their hooked fruit. Used to maintain healthy joints, it will nutritionally help the body to repair any cartilage lost due to 'wear and tear'.

Move Right also is jam packed with Vitamin C! Did you know, vitamin C is an important antioxidant for dogs that can help reduce potentially harmful free radicals in your dog’s body, support healthy aging, and reduce inflammation!

Suggested Daily Amount: 1 ml per kg of bodyweight, up to a maximum of 25 ml per day. NOT SUITABLE FOR PREGNANT OR NURSING BITCHES.
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