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Pregna-care is a supplement that has been designed for pregnant bitches. This supplement helps to aid normal whelping, lactation in bitches and helps to increase puppy viability. 

Why supplement?
A pregnant bitch will benefit from receiving extra support during this period. She will need enough vitamins, minerals and nutrients to maintain the puppies' development, as well as her own health and quality of life.

Our Pregna-care supplement contains Ascophyllum nodosum - a common cold water seaweed. It provides a whole host of antioxidants which can increase your dog’s longevity and may lower the risk of infections. It can help reduce skin irritations, dryness and lower inflammation. It also provides amino-acids and prebiotics for optimal gut health, which improves digestion.

Suggested daily intake:- 10gm (2tsp) daily over bitch's usual feed, for 10 days before expected whelping, until 10 days after whelping.


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