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PRIME Biotics

PRIME Biotics

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Prime biotics is our pro-biotic powder supplement! Designed in mind to compliment and enhance your dog’s raw diet.

Prime biotics is a Pro-biotic powdered supplement which contains healthy pro-biotics with your dog’s digestive system in mind. It gets to work in the digestive system by overpopulating the bad bacteria with beneficial, good bacteria.

Probiotics are naturally occurring cultures of specific strains of beneficial, good bacteria. These organisms work as a collective in the gut, assisting with lactic acid production, which in turn then produces digestive enzymes, to promote optimal gut function. They also offer support for the immune system.

Suggested daily intake:- 5g (1tsp) daily for all breeds, sizes and ages. Give for 5-7 days or as necessary. DO NOT GIVE TO A DOG WITH HIGH BLOOD SUGAR/DIABETES. 

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